About the competition

Join Europeana Video Remix – a competition for the most captivating compilation of Europeana collection. Choose a topic, download images, pictures, sound, video files or archive footage in a digital format, edit, create and share your own story. Compose a brief video, submit a link to it and win great prizes.
Are you into history? Let us remind you of some important anniversaries: one hundred years have passed since the outbreak of World War I, and twenty five years since political and social changes were introduced in Central and Eastern Europe in the year 1989! Or maybe you would rather like to recreate the fashion trends that were in several decades ago, or inspire your new collections by old designs? Learn about fashion shows and styles from the past! Do you take interest in new technologies? Learn more about media and reconstruct their evolution!

Our tutorial will help you how to create a remix.

You can download a PDF version of the tutorial here.

Europeana is an online collection related to the history and culture of Europe. Europeana Video Remix is our attempt to bring its resources closer to young generation. Participants willing to face the challenge, or completing a school assignment, may download the historical content available in public domain or under Creative Commons for creative reuse. Submitted videos may be entirely or only partly based on the sources found in Europeana and related websites. All kinds of artistic forms – animations, graphics, samples, fragments of own videos and private images – are very much welcome.

The competition is organized within the framework of the Europeana Awareness project co-financed by the European Commission.