1. The competition for the best remix made from the Europeana library content is organized by National Audiovisual Institute – a Polish institution tasked with preservation and dissemination of digital archives via the Internet, and with the promotion of audiovisual culture.
  2. We are looking for the best archive-based videos devoted to 1 up to 4 topics:
    a)            100th anniversary of World War I
    b)            25th anniversary of the transformations in Central and Eastern Europe
    c)            History of fashion and style
    d)            History of technology and media
    Are you into history? Remember of some important European anniversaries happening this year. One century has past since the events of 1914-1918 and 25 years ago political changes took place, nowadays described as the Fall of the Iron Curtain. Or maybe you would rather like to recreate the fashion trends that were in several decades ago, or inspire your new collections by old designs? Learn about fashion shows and styles from the past! Do you take interest in new technologies? Learn more about media and reconstruct their evolution!
  3. You may participate in the competition if you are between 13 and 19 years old. You may compile the video on your own, or join forces within a school team made up of up to 3 people.
  4. If you are younger than 18, a consent expressed by your parent or custodian is required to authorize your participation in the competition. You don’t have to get that consent in writing – all you have to do is show the Rules and Regulations to your parent or custodian, and they need to approve your participation. If you are submitting your video to take part in the competition, you confirm that you have obtained their consent.
  5. One person or one group may submit one video devoted to each of the topics. This means that you may decide to choose one, two or all four topics of the competition, and submit one video devoted to each of the topics. The video itself must not be more than 3 minutes long. The closing credits are not included in the 3-minute limit, as you need to state what kind of archives and other works have been used by you to compile the video.
  6. It is your task to remix the archives – images, videos or sound recordings – at least half of the video must be made up of content available on Europeana. Additional items may be found via legal digital sources or may be your own – for more information please see our tutorial.
  7. The archives may be mixed with your own photographs, videos or music. You may also use the works of third parties – e.g. your friends or family – if they agree to that. Remember that your video must not violate any copyright of third parties – you are not allowed to supplement the archive materials with your favorite music clip or images taken by a famous photographer if their authors have not expressed their consent. Creative Commons licenses will be useful for you, as based on them authors allow their works to be used for various purposes, if you mentioned the sources in the description attached to the video. For more information about CC licenses please see the tutorial. You can use older works – those in public domain (marked with Public Domain Mark or those whose creators died before 1944) – you can freely download or remix them, just remember to indicate the source of archive in the credits.
  8. Your video must include reference materials pointing out the authors or the sources of the archive materials and other works used. If you are the author of any fragments of the video, you should mention that in the closing credits as well. Your video will be made available, from the moment it is placed on one of the video sharing platforms, via the Internet. It is important that your rights be respected by others too! As we want other Internet users to become familiar with or make use of your work, you have to assign one of the Creative Commons licenses to your video.
  9. Your competition video must be uploaded to one of such platforms as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo. A video is submitted to take part in the competition via a form available on the website – a link needs to be attached to your video embedded in one of the platforms.
  10. All videos submitted will be published, after 25 May 1 June 2014, on the competition’s website.
  11. Three best videos will be selected from among them in June. Their authors will receive photo cameras. You can win individually or as a team. An additional award will be given to the most active school participating in the competition.

We are waiting for your remixes! Good luck!

You can download the full version of the Rules and Regulations here.